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The only NFT GAME that you win by playing and also by sharing.

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The only NFT GAME that pays in dollar!

No more receiving in shitcoins that never value.

Cryptopets has its own token (Petcoin) but it also pays you in USDT.

Play to Earn = Petcoins

Share to earn = USDT

Team Earnings = Petcoins and USDT

NFTs and network marketing merger

The merger of billionaire markets

Blockchain is the biggest thing to happen to the internet since the iPhone. It is reshaping the way we use and interact with digital worlds.

NFTs games move billions, and have become popular, due to the ease of making money "PLAY TO EARN". This has transformed the lives of thousands of people, making them millionaires overnight. 3 years ago we used to pay to play, now technology has made it possible to pay to play.

Network Marketing is responsible for 27% of the American GDP and hundreds of companies around the world have become billionaires after applying this Growth Marketing model. Relationship is the main key to the growth and success of any business.

We also realize that the growth of Games NFTs comes through innovation and relationship. That's why we decided to unite the largest relationship marketing and NFT Games market. All this to make Cryptopets a viral, sustainable ecosystem with a united and engaged global community.

NFTs and network marketing multinivel merger

Play to Earn

Take care of your Pet, giving food and bath. By performing the tasks, your Pet evolves and values in the game ecosystem.

In a simple and fast game, where you don't have to spend hours playing, to earn a reward.

play to earn
 share to earn

Share To Earn

Daily you generate an NFT and share it on your social networks.

Cryptopets pays up to $100 a week for a year just for sharing this NFT. These gains can be much higher, the more PET BOX, the more you earn.

If a friend joins the game, through an NFT shared by you, you also earn a $20 to $100 commission and qualify for team earnings.

share to earn mobile

Invite friends and build a global team.

You will already earn individually with the Play to Earn and Share to earn activities.

But to earn much more, you need to qualify for team earnings. Team wins are activities you do with your friends.

By referring only 2 friends, you are eligible to receive the 8 forms of team earnings paid in dollars.

Your team can grow to a global level and you get paid on activities done by your friends and friends of your friends too, check it out below.

team from worldwide

+ 8 ways to earn

Team gain

Team gain

Earn from $20.00 to $100.00 for referring friends to Cryptopets.

Double team

Double team

Every time a person joins your team, even indirectly, you receive $20 dollars*

You can earn up to U$440 per day.



If you achieve the performance of 22 Pet Box cycles in your team, in a period of 20 consecutive days.

You earn a 1% Bonus of total Cryptopets revenue.

tripple gain

Triple Gain

Whenever your team forms a cycle of 3 Additional Pet Boxes, you receive US$ 60 dollars.

The maximum daily payout is $15.360. The balance is paid the next day.

percentage of your team earning

2% of your team's earnings

Get 2% on everything your team is earning from CryptoPets, Play to Earn and Share to Earn activities.

 earn montly from food boxes

10% Monthly from the Food Box

You and your entire team need the power BOX and you earn 10% commission monthly on all repurchases from your direct referrals.

earn from food box of your team

2% From the Food Box of your entire team

Here you win when people on your team registered by other people use the food BOX.

team builder

Team builder

Inviting 10 friends to the Pet Box Family earns you a bonus 2% of Cryptopets revenue every month.

the maximum is U$39.600.


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4º Quarter

  • Idea development and business plan ✔
  • Funding from the founders ✔
  • Build team ✔
  • Marketing plan ✔
  • UX Design platform and branding ✔


1º Quarter

  • Social networks and Website development ✔
  • NFT and Game Development ✔
  • Blockchain an System Development ✔
  • Official Launch and Open Pet Box sales
  • Cryptopets Academy


2º Quarter

  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • DEX Listing
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Mobile App
  • New features of

Cryptopets in the media

Cryptopets is already causing a stir on the biggest news portals.

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